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Thank you for supporting a change for the better in Oodgeroo.  Donations of $5 to $999 can be made through this donation portal. Simply making a donation will signify your support, and all donations – whether large or small – will continue to assist in getting my message out to the broader community in this electorate.

Prior to making a donation, there is some important information that I need to give you to make sure we meet integrity and transparency requirements around election funding.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) requires that persons making gifts or donations to a political candidate meet specific requirements. Further information about these requirements can be accessed here:

In making a donation you are declaring that you comply with the following QLD State Election donation requirements:

1. The donation is not being made by a person or entity that is a property developer, or a close associate of a property developer or industry representative organisation. Details of the definition of a property developer can be accessed here:

2. The donation is not being made on behalf of another entity or person.

3. The total donations made by you or your organisation do not exceed $1,000. Donations have not been made by you or a third party on your behalf, that would result in the total amount donated to exceeding $1,000.

By making a donation through this web portal, you are declaring that you comply with the above requirements. If you have any questions in relation to compliance, please contact me at or visit the ECQ website at

Additional information must also be provided to the ECQ where donations of $1000 or more or received from one source (individual donations and multiple donations from the same source that exceed $1000). If you plan to make a single donation of $1000 or more, or multiple donations from the same account or individual that total $1000 or more, we need a little more information about the donor to satisfy ECQ requirements – please contact me at so that we can obtain this additional information and provide you with EFT information for the donation.