Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you want to represent the Oodgeroo electorate in the State Parliament?

Over the last 30 years I have had a very satisfying career as a scientist and engineer. The well respected professional consultancy I founded 21 years ago was purchased in 2019 by a larger organisation. Having achieved my personal career and business goals, I have reached a stage in my life where I would like to make a genuine contribution to the place where my husband and I chose to raise our children – the Redlands.

A few months ago, the majority of people in the Oodgeroo electorate voted for me to become Mayor.  Since the very close election, residents have continued to express their frustration to me at not being listened to by their politicians at every level. They want someone they can trust to bring new energy, ideas and commitment to our community.  Someone who will listen to their concerns respectfully and be a strong voice for them in the state Parliament.

Unlike many politicians, I am not a ‘career’ politician and I have genuine experience in running a business. Furthermore, I am not running as a candidate for monetary reasons – I have been a successful business woman for more than 20 years. I am running as a candidate out of genuine concern for our community and the lack of progress in many areas for the Oodgeroo electorate. My combination of skills in business, infrastructure, planning, environmental law and consultation provide me with a suite of tools to assist in achieving better outcomes for our community.

In business I have a real reputation for getting things done – on time, professionally, efficiently and by providing genuine leadership to others. These same attributes can be equally successful in the political arena, and I intend to provide a refreshing approach rather than adopt the ‘business as usual’ attitude of the major parties.

What are your priorities?

I will utilise my business experience to champion job creation in Redlands. Drawing on my experience in major infrastructure projects throughout Australia, I will support a transition to renewable energy both locally and throughout Queensland, and encourage appropriate new developments that both support our community and provide local employment and training. We need to invest now in sustainable growth and development to set up our economy for the future.

As a genuine independent, I will work co-operatively with whichever party wins the election to achieve those things that Redlands has missed out on while your local MP has represented you for the last 11 years.

I believe in the sensible centre in politics. I am running in this election to:

  • bring together our local community with a plan to create 1,000 new local jobs;
  • encourage entrepreneurship and support small business;
  • keep our borders closed until the Covid-19 outbreak is under control and medical authorities confirm they can be opened;
  • support road and rail infrastructure investment for Redland City;
  • fast-track investment in solar and renewable energy;
  • stand up for our community and oppose the Toondah residential development in Moreton Bay;
  • act on atmospheric emissions and climate change
  • support the disadvantaged in our community
  • bring back decency and respect to politics

What related experience do you have?

I have an in depth understanding about the local and state issues the community is most concerned about because of my recent candidacy for Mayor. In addition, my 21 years’ experience as CEO of my own scientific and engineering business gives me a unique depth of knowledge about what makes for planning and community outcomes.  I have provide expert advice to all levels of government and industry both in Australia and overseas – and this often involves extensive community engagement.  I regularly give evidence in the Queensland Planning and Environment Court. Business-wise, I have a strong track record in business and financial management that has allowed me to grow my business successfully.

I received a PhD from the Department of Engineering and Built Environment, Griffith University, have a BSc(Hons), graduate diplomas in the fields of air quality and acoustics and a graduate diploma from the Australian Institute of Company Directors. I have also been a State finalist for Telstra Businesswoman of the Year – Business Owner and Innovation categories.

What is your view about Covid 19 recovery and the State government’s policy of closing our borders?

I have followed with great interest the Covid-19 response at State and Federal levels and acknowledge the significant sacrifices so many of our community have made. As I scientist, I support the development and implementation of effective Covid-19 strategies based on evidence and research, not rhetoric, as our knowledge and understanding of this threat to our economic and social wellbeing evolves. Unlike the LNP, I will fight to keep Queensland borders closed until the Queensland Chief Medical Officer confirms that it is safe to open them.

Having built a business and employed dozens of people over many years I understand the pressure on business and will work to help our local businesses survive this difficult time and bounce back as strongly as possible.

In terms of crisis management, my expertise has been sought during previous national emergencies including the 2019 bushfires. I have been involved in emergency investigations on a number of occasions during my career, and have provided expert advice to a State Commission of Inquiry in Victoria, the Coronial Court in New South Wales, the Queensland Planning and Environment Court and Land Court.

Do you have any political affiliations?

I am completely independent and have never been a member of a national or local political party or pressure group.  My commitment is to work with all stakeholders and the community to achieve the best outcomes for the Redlands. If elected, I will work co-operatively with whichever party forms government to achieve the best outcomes for Oodgeroo.

What can an independent MP achieve for the community?

An independent MP has the opportunity to work in a productive way with whichever party forms government – an Independent is not in ‘opposition’. If the Oodgeroo electorate continues to be represented by an opposition party MP, major socio-economic benefits for Oodgeroo are unlikely to occur for the foreseeable future.

There is every likelihood that the state election will be very close and that Independent MPs will be more important than ever in negotiating favourable outcomes that reflect voters’ wishes.  If elected, and my support is required for a party to form government, I will support the party or coalition that will provide the best outcomes for the Oodgeroo electorate. My support for the government would be withdrawn if the promised outcomes were not achieved.

Do you support the proposed Toondah Harbour development?

Both major parties have abandoned the community by supporting the massive proposed $1.3 billion Toondah Harbour development, which will build 3,600 apartments to house over 8,000 people in the protected waters of Moreton Bay.

I am opposed to such inappropriate developments but, like most residents, support an upgrade to the water transport terminal.

This project has been a failure by all levels of government to protect an internationally sensitive site in Moreton Bay, ignoring the strong community concerns in favour of a residential development that would not be permitted in Victoria, New South Wales or Tasmania.   I will draw on my expertise in the planning and environmental fields to seek a satisfactory solution to this project that meets community expectations and does not include construction of new land in Moreton Bay.

I will seek to fast-track the redevelopment of the Toondah Harbour ferry terminal on existing land, to support our local community and Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) recover from the economic impact of Covid-19.

If you are elected, how will you make sure your stay in touch with the community?

I have a reputation as a very hard worker who gets things done.  I also pride myself on fostering good communications in anything I’m involved in.  I will set up processes in the electorate to make sure residents’ can have their say and their views are heard respectfully.  I will represent them with honesty and integrity – and will not have to ‘toe a political party line’ which is the case with our current state members.

I propose to operate a mobile office on a regular basis, so that all members of the community have an opportunity to discuss their concerns. I will be an active and visible member of the community, and will seek to represent the majority views of the community at all times.

What community activities are you involved in?

I am very aware that there are many in the community who are doing it tough. I am a Queensland Coordinator of Every Little Bit Helps, which provides personal care packs for local homeless and disadvantaged people.  I also support the Redlands Community Centre and Redlands United homeless support group.

I am a member of the Bayside Outrigger Club, and a crew member of the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. I am a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and – having supported the chamber for many years – recently joined the Redland City Chamber of Commerce. As a keen organic gardener, I am a member of the Redlands Organic Growers Association.

How do you spend your spare time?

When I’m not spending time with my husband and three children (aged 20,18 and 13 years), you’ll probably find me on the beautiful waters of Moreton Bay.  I’m a keen member of the Bayside Outrigger Club.  I help with local regattas and am also a crew member of a Manly-based racing yacht.  We often see dolphins, turtles, dugongs and stingrays in the Bay and I firmly believe in the importance of Moreton Bay and its Islands to the future prosperity of Redland City and Queensland.

How can people get involved in your campaign for Oodgeroo State member?

There are many ways to help.  If you want to help, please sign up as a volunteer on this website selecting those areas that you can help with and we’ll be in touch.

Funding an electoral campaign can be challenging for an independent as, unlike the major parties, an independent rarely has the benefit of large donations from business or industrial organisations. Making a monetary donation – no matter how small – would greatly assist my campaign to get my message out to as many voters as possible prior to the election. Donations can be made securely via this website – your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Have you any particular policies that will assist the economic transition on Minjerribah/North Stradbroke Island?

I will be proposing a range of business and economic initiatives to increase jobs and to assist in diversifying the economy on Minjerribah. These initiatives will be developed and implemented in a co-operative way. This will involve working in an inclusive way with representatives of QAYAC and Elders in Council, as well as all groups and individuals that represent the interests of the Minjerribah community.